Fire Protection Ducts

Fire Prtoteciton

Modern buildings feature large scale, complex functions, and concentrated population. They not only provide
property users with convenience and excellent experience of modern technology, but also have greater fire risks. As
demonstrated by large number of fire accidents, fire-resistant gas exhaust duct is one of the major routes for fire spread, and therefore its fire-resistance performance is critical to the fire safety performance of a building.


Promat MASTERBOARD fire-resistant air duct system is mainly composed of Promat MASTERBOARD fireproof board, light steel joist, filled with rock wool and installed with standard accessories. It has excellent fire-resistance performance, can be widely applied in building’s smoke exhaust system, ventilation and smoke extraction system.

In case of fire, the fire-resistant smoke exhaust duct can still work nonstop for a certain period to effectively prevent toxic smoke generated by fire from spreading outward, keep fire from spreading along air duct, and ensure safety in evacuation exit, smoke-proof staircase and fire elevator, saving precious time for evacuation and fire rescue.



Promat MASTERBOARD Fire Protection Ducts System including Post Cladding Steel Ducts and Self-supporting Ducts


Major Application

  • Passing through two or more fire compartments
  • Underground exhaust duct(or ventilation duct)
  • Smoke control stairwell or pressurized ventilation duct
  • Ducts in stairwell, atrium and evacuation exit
 防火风管-Fire Protection Ductwork System