Hygiene Decor
Eterpan Hygiene Décor Board is mainly made of Portland cement, high-purity quartz mineral powder and imported plant fiber with excellent quality. With autoclaved treatment at high temperature and ten-thousand tons of pressurizing technology, substrate board has higher strength and durability. With infiltration basecoat treatment on surface, the board will firmly attach painting layer to base material. 3 layers of primer plus 2 layers of colored paint enrich the board luster.
1. Antibacterial and self-cleaning : 99% ultrahigh antibacterial rate, self-cleaning and dirt-resistant surface
Eterpan Hygiene Décor Board designed with Ag+ silver ion ACC antibacterial surface can effectively inhibit bacterial growth on the surface, and provide healthy indoor environment. Unique EHPA hydrophobic dirt-resistant coating on board surface can keep out water blot, convenient for cleaning, constantly remaining clean.
2. Beautiful and durable : Ultra-long service life of multi-coating finish
Hygiene Décor Board features 3 layers of primer plus 3 layers of colored paint as well as rich color and luster. The finish seals the colored paint off air, preventing the colored paint from oxidizing. The air-tight protective finish also effectively resists corrosion from acid and alkali. The special anti-yellowing formula of the paint gives the anti-aging performance a 50% boost and a lasting brand-new look. Durable, eco-friendly and quality fiber-reinforced cement slabs can last as long as the building.
3. Excellent performance : Lightweight, high strength, temperature resistance and fire protection
Material weight is only 10kg each square meter, 50%+ less than ordinary ceramic wall. Material strength improves by 50%+ in comparison with ordinary fiber cement board. Eterpan fiber-reinforced cement board is designed with base material of A1-level non-combustible performance and in case of fire, the system can effectively stop fire spreading.
4. Double eco-friendly : No asbestos, formaldehyde and VOC emission
Eterpan Hygiene Décor Board is designed with instantly solidified UV paint coating, and the paint is free from hazardous substance emission during coating and application, safe and eco-friendly. Base material, asbestos-free fiber-reinforced cement board, is naturally eco-friendly, free from hazardous materials. The perfect combination of organic surface layer with inorganic base layer can fully protect your health.
Thickness (mm):
Standard (mm):
2440 X 1220
density (g/cm³):
Horizontal breaking strength (N/mm²):
Vertical breaking strength (N/mm²):
Thermal conductivity(W/m•K):
Incombustibility performance: