Safety Easy&Simple System
Ventilated System
After years of research &
development and practice and based on large number of engineering cases, Eternit team has demonstrated that ventilated rain curtain system is the most suitable exterior wall system made of fiber-reinforced cement board and compared with closed system, it saves more energy and more eco-friendly, has been widely applied and recognized in the industry.
Eternit exterior wall system can be easily installed: Connect channel system to major structure of building with adjustable bracket, the flatness of channel can be adjusted by bolts, boards can be fixed to supporting profile with Astor rivets. The whole operation process is performed with dry method. The board is light, can be easily, safely and reliably installed.


Reduction of Heat Gains
The ventilated air space of a ventilated rainscreen dissipates the solar heat.It thus minimizes unwanted heat gains in hot climates.
Reduction of Heat Loss
The Eternit facade system allows for an added continuous insulation layer. Thermal bridges are reduced and extra heat loss is prevented.
Prevents Condensation
The ventilated air space of the Eternit facade system acts as an extra barrier. Infiltrated water is removed effectively, reducing overall condensation.
Structural Protection

A Eternit facade prevents the dramatic changes in temperature and shifts in humidity that can affect your building’s main structure.


Available Product
Eternit®Jiamei HD
Eterpan® Jiabi
Eterpan® Siding




Eternit exterior wall system is mainly composed of board, profile and relevant fasteners. The boards can be fixed to supporting profile with Astor rivets. The profile can be fixed to major structure of building with adjustable bracket, and the steel or aluminum alloy profile may be selected. In consideration of thermal insulation, thermal insulation materials should be filled in profile cavity between board and exterior wall of building, and a certain width of cavity should be reserved between thermal insulation material and board.




 ① Eternit JiameiHD / Jialai
 ② Rectangle Profile
 ③ T- Profile
 ④ Bracket ⑤ Insulation
 ⑥ Space
 ⑦ Astro Rivet

外墙-Cross-section of Board Joint外墙-Cross-section of Board Gap


Eternit boards can be supplied with colour-matched rivets that blend in with the facade’s colours. Two fixed fastening points for one sheet may not be on the same section. Two fixed fastening points of adjacent sheets may not be on the same section to avoid coupling between the sheets.


Load calculation
Mark the space between the supporting profiles according to the façade elevation design. Square steels, C steels and T-grids are available depending on structural calculation. Fit the supporting profiles on the brackets and align the horizontal V-strip horizontally and vertically in a section by the gradual arrangement of the brackets


Mineral wool with a water-repellent black protective coating is recommended for insulation. The insulation is fixed with synthetic insulation fastenings. The insulation is fastened according to the instruction of the producer of the insulation, e.g. with five insulation fasteners per square metre.


While design of the supporting frame is calculated around wind load the facade is likely to experience, another important factor is the actual panel layout desired by the architect. The panel layout can exert a big influence on the amount of large or small profiles required by the project.


Eterpan® Siding System

Eternit Siding Board is designed with unique wood texture that may present your building a pleasant and dynamic facade. The boards may be used for decoration or renovation of exterior wall of villa and low-rise building, also for indoor decoration (such as ceiling, wall surface, dado, etc.). Generally the steel or wood profile structure is selected to fix Eternit siding board, which is fixed onto steel joist framework with tapping screw, or onto wood joist framework with steel nail. The framework may be fixed to structural wall with anchoring parts
Siding System Elevation Drawing:


Siding System Elevation Drawing

Wood Profile Solution

Steel Profile Solution

Wood Profile Solution

Wood Profile Solution

Flat cement mortar layer Solution

Flat cement mortar layer Solution