Not easy to deform

Eterpan® ceiling system is one of the best solutions to get a very flat ceiling. Eterpan panels can be combined with

several types of profile-system to obtain a variety of suspended ceilings. Without any doubt these versatile
construction systems are so popular because of their simplicity and therefore short installation time. Their aesthetical and technical characteristics can meet most requirements. The systems are so flexible that they can overcome all difficulties in detailing.


Eterpan ceiling system can benefit many aspects during construction. Eterpan itself is an incombustible material. By that Eterpan suspended ceilings could give, in event of fire, enough protection to evacuate the building in a safe way. The installation of the profiles and Eterpan is very simple and requires only simple and portable installation tools. The captivity between the ceiling and the suspended ceiling is an ideal and practical space for the installation of all kind of ducts. And when a layer of rock wool is installed on top of the panel, a perfect sound and thermal insulation is obtained.


Eterpan® ceiling system is widely applied to public, commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Large Space Ceiling

吊顶-Large Space Ceiling

Narrow/Small Space Ceiling

吊顶-Narrow or Small Space Ceiling

T Grid Ceiling System

吊顶-Sound Absorption Ceiling

Sound Absorption Ceiling

吊顶-T Grid Ceiling System

Curved Ceiling


吊顶-Curved Ceiling