Sound Insulation
Light weight

Eterpan® can be applied for interior partitioning applications(drywall system) with flush joints or open joints.
Eterpan® is an idea solution for partition in dry areas and wet areas. Eterpan® has very good durability and
dimensional stability.


When used for partitioning, Eterpan® is easy to combine with other building and insulating elements, such as glass wool or rock wool for reducing heat and sound. And electrical cables, utility pipes and water pipes can be easily concealed into it.


Eterpan® partition system is for internal application. The joints between the boards can remain opened or be filled (flush joints). This can be applied on an adapted steel frame(adapted design, dimensions and thickness of the steel, distance between studs…), so that the full partitioning system gets a suitable and sufficient resistance.


Eterpan® partition system is widely applied to public, commercial, industrial and residential buildings.


 Eterpan Standard Partition  Eterpan Curved Partition
 隔墙-Eterpan Standard Partition  隔墙-Eterpan Curved Partition