Cili Partition

Dedicated for
Gluing of
Marble or
Ceramic tile

Eterpan Cili is a fiber-reinforced cement board dedicated for lightweight wall that will be glued with stones or
ceramic tile. It has unique surface grooves to effectively improve the bonding between Eterpan Cili and marble or
ceramic tile, presenting safe and asthetic building decoration.


After high-temperature autoclave curing, Eterpan Cili has low water absorption and excellent moisture resistance even in a moist environment for a long time. It can maintain stable performance without deformation, mildew or strength degradation, and the board itself is an A1-level (highest level) incombustible product, with excellent fireproof performance. It is economical and practical base material for pasting stone or ceramic tile.



Eterpan Cili lightweight partition system is composed of light steel profile, Eterpan Cili, ceramic tile glue and facing material. It features safe structure and simple construction, effectively saves space, and is ideal for light wall in moist environment.
瓷力-Eterpan Cili Partition (Gluing) System