Sound Absorption
Acoustic Reflection

Eterpan Acoustic System, widely used for partition or ceiling, is designed to fix Eterpan perforated board to wall

through profile onto, and by filling mineral wool in cavity behind the board to form an ideal sound absorption
structure. By means of the system, sound energy can gradually attenuate and noise can be reduced. By adjusting Eterpan Board’s perforation rate, perforation diameter and the depth of rear cavity, it is possible to satisfy acoustic design and application requirements, create ideal acoustic environment and aesthetic effect.


With sound adsorption, sound insulation and acoustic reflection, Eterpan also has excellent fire and moisture resistance, can satisfy multifunctional requirement, and be widely used for sound insulation, partition wall, sound absorption ceiling or acoustic reflection components.


Typical structure
Acoustic Partition

声学-Eterpan Acoustic System

Sound Insulation Partition

声学-Sound Insulation Partition