Curtain Wall Lining

Heat Insulation
Energy Saving

Curtain wall is an exterior wall system commonly used for modern large high-rise buildings, and increasingly higher

requirements for curtain wall have been proposed for its fire resistance, thermal insulation and energy saving



In case of fire, smoke and flame would spread to the upper layer of building along joints which often exist between vertical curtain wall and horizontal floor slabs in a curtain structure and, which is curtain wall material starts cracking and falling, flame would quickly soar upward to upper stories from outside of curtain wall.


If such joints are not handled or improperly handled, it will cause serious fire hazard. Eterpan, as a type of incombustible A1-level (highest level) material, when used as curtain wall lining, only not can effectively resist fire, but also prevent indoor/outdoor heat exchange, providing building with a fire-resistant thermal insulation and energy-saving “protective coat”.


Fire resistant lining of curtain wall

By means of curtain wall profile or adding light steel profile, fix the light steel profile to curtain wall profile and fix fire-resistant rock wool onto Eterpan.


The structure can prevent flame from destroying external curtain wall unlike the case without any shield, prevent flame from spreading from outside to inside and prevent smoke from moving to upper stories from lower stories.

 幕墙内衬-Fire resistant lining of curtain wall


Fire blocking

Fire blocking is presently a widely used fire and smoke prevention method during building design. Flame and high-temperature smoke is prevented from spreading inside building by filling in incombustible or nonflammable material at joint.


The top of skirting and bottom of fire barrier must be blocked with Eterpan to prevent smoke from going upward.

 幕墙内衬-Fire blocking

Fire resistant and heat insulation partition wall

When the entire Eterpan fire-resistant partition wall is fixed onto main structure, indoor and outdoor space are isolated, and it forms a barrier to prevent fire and smoke from spreading. In addition, it features thermal insulation, can reduce energy consumption and is the optimal solution for buildings.  幕墙内衬-Fire resistant and heat insulation partition