Floor Slab

Solid & Flat

Eterpan Floor Slab System is composed of Eterpan board (it is recommended to use Eterpan Medium Density with

thickness not less than 24mm), profile structure and relevant connecting joints and accessories. It features light weight
, high strength, solid structure, stable performance, excellent flatness, fire and moisture resistance and easy installation, to meet individualized space utilization requirements while increasing the usable area of building.



System structure
楼板-Eterpan Floor Slab System

Eterpan MD24 floor slab system can be used with steel profile as major load-bearing structure, Eterpan is fixed onto load-bearing steel profile as major cushion. Apply 40x40x3mm steel mesh on Eterpan and 30-60mm thick cement mortar, then form appropriate decorative surface.


The structure has been tested and practically verified to be safe, stable, durable, easy for installation with shorter construction period, and it can simply partition ultrahigh and large space into sections you need. It may also be used for mobile container house, staircase cover plate and platform cover plate.