Medium Density
Eterpan Medium Density Board is mainly made of Portland cement, natural plant fiber, mineral substance, etc., and after pulping, forming and high-temperature autoclave curing, and then drying and surface treatment. The product features light weight, high strength, and particularly excellent fireproof performance.
1. Moisture proof
EMD Board can still maintain stable performance and strength in the place with high humidity, or directly in contact with water, and show excellent humidity resistance.
2. High strength
EMD Board has high strength and excellent impact resistance, can be used as indoor partition wall in crowded areas such as airport, school, large meeting center, etc.
3. Easily Shape
EMD Board shows excellent flexibility for bending and shaping (if bending and shaping are necessary, it is recommended to use thin boards), and can meet special functional requirements in terms of indoor decoration and acoustic reflection.
4. Easy processing
EMD can be cut into pieces of various dimensions and shapes, perforated, used as sound adsorption component, ceiling or partition wall. It is highly versatile.
5. Mold and insect prevention
Major materials of EMD is inorganic substances, such as Portland cement, quartz sand, which prevents the growth of mildew or microorganism and can prevent mold and insect.
6. Eco-friendly
EMD is made of natural raw material, 100% free from asbestos, formaldehyde or other hazardous materials. It is non-radioactive, and granted with “China Environmental Product Certification”.
Thickness (mm):
6、7.5, 9, 12, 15
Standard (mm):
2440 X 1220
density (g/cm³):
Horizontal breaking strength (N/mm²):
Vertical breaking strength (N/mm²):
Wet inflation rate no higher than (%):
Thermal conductivity(W/m•K):
Incombustibility performance: