2018 Eternit Guangzhou Sales Team Visited Working Partners

2018-05-15 09:23

In this warm and lively spring of 2018, the sales team of Eternit Guangzhou, led by the General Manager, Mr. Barry Chia, visited the working partners in various places. Both sides reviewed the partnership in 2017. Mr. Chia asked the customers to give their comments on Eternit Guangzhou’s products and service. Both sides also had deep discussions on the current market trend. Then we proposed the strategy for 2018, and worked out a future plan with the customers’ sales teams. 

All the partners like this activity of“step out and make deep contact with salesmen on frontline”. They said this kind of activity could greatly improve the cooperation fineness and bring the long-term cooperation to a further level.  

Mar 6th 2018 Visited Guangzhou Distributor


Mar 7th 2018, Visited Guangzhou Distributor

Mar 8th 2018, Visited Shantou Distributor

Mar 9th 2018, Visited Shenzhen Distributor


Apr 10th 2018, Visited Hainan Distributor


Apr 12th 2018, Visited Guangzhou Distributor 


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