Eterpan Cili is a new type of utility-patented product dedicated for lightweight wall that should be mounted with stone or ceramic tiles. The board surface has unique grooves which can effectively improve bonding force between Eterpan Cili and marble or ceramic tile.
1. Ultrahigh bonding stability
Eterpan Cili surface has unique grooves to effectively improve bonding force between board and glue for tile, and is an economical and practical wall base material for bonding marble and ceramic tile.
2. Moisture-proof
Eterpan Cili in moisture environment can maintain stable performance and strength, particularly suitable to moist indoor areas such as bathroom, toilet, kitchen, underground storeroom, etc.
3. Resistance to deformation
In an environment with severely changing temperature and humidity, Eterpan Cili can still maintain stable performance, resist deformation, and ensure lasting stability and beauty.
4. Fire protection
Eterpan Cili is A1-level incombustible material. When exposed to flame or high temperature, it will not catch fire, smoke and release hazardous substances.
5. Mold and insect prevention
Major raw materials of E are inorganic substances, such as Portland cement, quartz sand, without growth of mildew or microorganism to prevent mold and insect.
6. Eco-friendly
Eterpan Cili is made of natural raw materials, 100% free from asbestos, formaldehyde or other hazardous materials. It is non-radioactive, and granted with “China Environmental Label Product Certification”.
Thickness (mm):
7, 9
Standard (mm):
2440 X 1220
density (g/cm³):
Horizontal breaking strength (N/mm²):
Vertical breaking strength (N/mm²):
Wet inflation rate no higher than (%):
Thermal conductivity(W/m•K):