Eterpan Jiabi is a product dedicated for external wall insulation, featuring high strength, ideal weather fastness, flatness, can be easily installed, and it is an economical and practical external insulation material for exterior wall.
1. Thermal insulation
Eterpan Jiabi with low thermal conductivity can be used for exterior wall of building, effectively reduce indoor and outdoor heat transfer and reduce energy consumption.
2. Excellent weather fastness
Eterpan Jiabi is resistant to freezing-thawing, ultra violet and corrosion, can be applied in extreme weather condition, and maintain stable performance.
3. Easy for decoration
Flat board can be directly applied with coating, enabling rich color and decoration in an economical and practical way.
4. Convenient for installation
Eterpan Jiabi installation can be performed with dry method. Only fasteners are needed to fix the board to joist, which shortens construction period and thus reduces labor cost.
5. Eco-friendly
Eterpan Jiabi is made of Portland cement, quartz sand, imported plant fiber and natural mineral pigment, 100% free from asbestos, radioactivity and other hazardous matters.
Thickness (mm):
9, 12
Standard (mm):
2440 X 1220
density (g/cm³):
Horizontal breaking strength (N/mm²):
Vertical breaking strength (N/mm²):
Wet inflation rate no higher than (%):
Thermal conductivity(W/m•K):
Incombustibility performance: