Why Eternit


High-Quality Raw Materials

(1) High strength cement:The cement applied to Eternit products are the top-ranking cement which can effectively improve the boards' strength and service life.
(2) Imported cellulose:The cellulose applied to Eternit products are all pure natural cellulose imported directly from the countries with the least pollution in the world. The cellulose are ultra-long and ultra-strong, which provides solid foundation for the boards' high strength, toughness and long service life.
(3) Selected quartz:The quartz applied to Eternit products are of silicon up to 95%, which are pure natural material, 100% free from artificial additives. The more silicon the quartz contain, the harder and the whiter the boards will become.
(4) Wollastonite with high sedimentation value::Wollastonite applied to Eternit products have the highest sedimentation value in the same industry in China, and also much higher than the raw materials in many export products, which can effectively improve the flexural strength and fire proof performance.
(5) Natural mineral pigments:The color-forming of Eternit façade uses natural mineral pigments which are inorganic substance with high alkali resistance, stable chemical and physical performances. They can self-absorb UV light and reflect certain amount of infrared, performing outstanding light resistance.



Top-Ranking Cement



Pure Natural Cellulose



Supreme Quartz Powder



Natural Mineral Pigment



Multiple Patent Rights

Eternit series products have been awarded with patent rights of utility models and designs issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. There are 14 items in total. Currently we are applying for patent rights for a few new items.


外观设计专利-平板(纤维增强水泥平板) 外观设计专利-木纹披叠板 外观设计专利-披叠板(木纹) 外观设计专利-木纹板 实用新型专利-用于建筑装饰的挂板及挂板安装结构


Wide Application on Landmark Projects

Our products have been applied to thousands of projects across the world. Eternit products are used in many landmark building projects.

新加坡金沙酒店 上海世博演艺中心 海南三亚凤凰岛
天津南站 厦门国际会议中心


Celebrated Architects' Reliable Partners

Many world-famous architects who have won Pritzker Architecture Prize have chosen the products and systems of Eternit on their master works.


格罗皮乌斯作品Walter Gropous Berlin,Germany 1960 苏州博物馆Ieoh Ming Pei Suzhou, China 2006


Multiple Authoritative Certification

We have world-class production equipment, technology and management system, and effectively carried out the social responsibilities of environment protection and staff health care. We have obtained the certifications of ISO 9001:2008 quality management, ISO 14001:2004 environment management and OHSAS 18001:2007 occupational safety and health management issued by BV, an international quality assurance organization based in France. All of our products have passed the authentication of China Green Label Certificate. In 2014 the company was awarded Guangzhou Enterprise of Clean Production.


2013 OHSAS 18001-2

Quality Management


2013 OHSAS 18001-2

Environment Management


2013 OHSAS 18001-2

Occupational Safety & Health Management


160422 Green label_till Nov 2017-2China Green Label Certificate


Certificate of clean productionCertificate of Clean Production


Double Certifications of Factory and Products 100% Free From Asbestos

We are the first and the only manufacturer in the industry of fibre cement boards and calcium silicate boards in China which has been awarded double certifications of "workshop 100% free from asbestos" and "products 100% free from asbestos". The manufacturer with double certification can guarantee that all products in the workshops, in the production process are all 100% free from asbestos, formaldehyde, and radiation. We carry out the environmental friendly concept throughout the whole product life circle. They are the real green products.


Time-Enduring Product Quality

The first application of Eternit façade system can be traced back to the 1960s. Since then Eternit has accumulated rich experience in practice. There are building projects in Europe with history of using façade system. Supreme product quality is time endurable.

Berlin -21955 Project in Berlin Berlin -31956-57 Executive building of Eternit Germany, Berlin, designed by Bernhard Hermkes Berlin -41957 Residential building of Eternit Germany, Berlin, photo taken in 2008